My Name is Casey Crissman, owner of  Crissman Videography. I have over 7 years of experience as an event and production videographer/editor. I have produced over 200 videos. 

At Crissman Videography you receive value and quality with every service. I don't believe in charging more money or forcing you to upgrade to higher priced services for the necessary elements of video production. My goal is to put you in a service that suites your exact needs. 

Each package is carefully edited and crafted using wide and close-up shots to achieve the best possible looking video.  Editing is where the magic happens!

At Crissman Videography we strive for a creative and innovative approach when capturing videos. Everyone is unique; therefore we strive to capture that unique natural beauty and bring it to life through amazing videos.


I only use top quality professional equipment from editing software to cameras, so your videos look and feel professional. My goal is to understand each of my customers and highlight their best qualities.


-Casey Crissman

This logo is owned by crissman videography. It was created by casey crissman who is the chief wedding videographer and provides all of the wedding videography services performed.