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                                                                                       Posted by: Krsitina Trevino ( Wedding Wire Review) 




Oh my goodness! I cannot even begin to describe how happy we are that we went with crissman videography! He was amazing to work with from the begining. Very understanding and kept us up to date about everything from start to finish. we are so happy with our finished product! it is amazing i cannot stop watching it. I have been showing it off to everyone i can. The quality is amazing and well worth the money spent. If you choose to go with casey you definately are making probably one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding day!The tunr around time was not bad at all! I read reviews where people have had to wait months and months till they got their video. It took casey about 5 weeks for us to recieve ours. Once again he is amazing and his work is just as amazing! Choose Crissman Videography!!







                                                                                       Posted by: John Kemp (Wedding Wire & The Knot Review) 






Simply put; you must use Casey Crissman for your wedding! 


My wife put me in charge of hiring the non-edible/floral vendors for our 10/05/13 wedding. We had a fallout with our original videographer 6 weeks before the big day, and I had to scramble for a quality replacement. I found Casey's number on Craigslist. Thought it might have been sketchy like some of the others I saw but he was the complete opposite. He totally checks out. Look at his webpage, the wedding wire reviews, the youtube works he has done, etc. He offers unparalleled value for the end result you get. Our wedding was in Dallas, and he works out of San Antonio. 


From the first time I spoke with Casey to the moment he gave us our full wedding package, he was prompt, professional, and very thorough. He clearly outlined what you get for your money. Great deal. He communicated with me all the way up until the date, showed up early, was completely prepared, and acted/dressed professionally. His assistant was the same. Some of our guests even commented on how they were capturing the angles in creative ways without becoming any type of distraction. We did not want people to miss the moment because we were trying to capture the moment. He stayed until the very end. Casey knew what he was doing. 


Our finished product did not disappoint! The three cameras added great value to our ceremony and reception highlights. The editing work was just what we wanted with shots of all the small components my wife and her mother put into it. Everyone is very impressed with the short (approx 5min) videos that review the entire night and can be shared online. Overall, 5 stars all the way. Even gave a nice follow up call after he sent us everything. 


I will highly recommend him to anyone needing videography work within his servicing areas. My wife and I thank you for the memories!




                                                                                            Posted by: Danielle & Robert Rath (Wedding Wire Review) 





The services and wedding DVD provided by Casey, from Crissman Videography, were an unbelievably valuable gift that we will value for a lifetime. I can not say enough to recommend and praise Casey. For an astonishingly affordable price, Casey made us a DVD with edited footage of the ceremony, reception, and a short highlight video. I especially have to praise Casey's artistry in composing the highlight video, which was a gorgeous montage of moments from the whole day. His work is stunning; I can't believe how gorgeous I look, how handsome my husband looks, and how lovely our guests and setting appeared in Casey's video. The colors are vibrant, the focus is crisp, the timing is sharp, and the best moments were captured. Shortly after the high of a wedding, it is inevitable to come back to earth; however, Casey's highlight video always sends me soaring back to the heaven of our wedding day, letting me relive the extraordinary joy and love I felt when exchanging vows in the company of family and friends! I never get tired of it! When I'm 80 years old, I'm sure I'll enjoy it more than ever, and I'm so glad I'll have the highlight video to watch on our anniversary 1 year from now, in 10 years, and hopefully in 50 years! We had several post-wedding parties out of state for people who couldn't attend the wedding, and we showed off our glorious wedding montage video each time. The highlight video truly made guests who couldn't attend feel like they were there on our Big Day! Casey was professional, responsive & helpful before, during, and after the wedding. Before the wedding, he actually rescheduled a commercial so he would be available to shoot our wedding. He was flexible on pricing to give me a package I could afford, and then after the wedding he surprised me by giving me much more than I paid for! He arrived early, came prepared, and agreed to stay an extra hour for a great price when my reception ran overtime. Hire Casey, it's one of the best choices you can make!



Casey filmed our wedding and did a fantastic job. Not only was the video very good quality and edited in a tasteful, joyous manner (he perfectly incorporated the music we wanted) but he was really nice and courteous onsite as well. 

You know, when you're getting married everything's chaos and the reverend wants to talk with you and your dad wants a word before you walk down the aisle and you can't find your glasses... at times like that it's really useful to have a good, professional guy who can slip in and mic you up without any fuss. Casey is that guy -- tactful and professional onsite, great product, and he delivered it within a month of the wedding. He even included a 2 minute highlight reel which was the perfect thing to show friends and family that couldn't come. Even our snobby filmmaker friends were very impressed. 


                                                                        Posted by: John Ruiz (Wedding Wire Review) 
MY WIFE AND I ARE BEYOND HAPPY!!!!!! The wedding pics we have from our wedding are great but when friends/family/random strangers come over to visit we show them the video that Casey made!! 


We can not sing his praises enough but we are going to try our best. 


---Some Specifics--- 


Multiple Cameras: 

I can not over emphasize how much of a difference this makes. I've seen some wedding videos where one camera is on a tripod and the whole event is from one angle, the camera never moved. Casey used multiple cameras and it really made the video more dynamic and engaging. Casey, himself had a camera and would move around to get different angles and shots. Casey also has an great eye for cinematography i.e. taking video of objects or events in a certain way that makes them look great on video. 


Professional and Responsive: 

Every conversation or meeting I had with Casey he presented himself professionally. He was quick to respond to calls, emails, and texts. He was prompt to our ceremony and reception. 



My wife and I wanted to enjoy ourselves as much as possible on the day of our wedding and didn't want to have to be dealing with vendors all night long. Casey did his job and we hardly noticed he and his assistant were there, which is how we wanted it. We put our trust in him to do a good job and he did a GREAT job! 



Casey gave us a DVD that was beyond our expectations. The DVD had a menu and we had our ceremony, garter & bouquet, toast & cake, our formal introduction & Dances, and highlights (which is a 4 min masterpiece of editing, music and cinematography). The DVD is very professionally done and as soon as you pop it in it looks like you just got a movie in from netflix (or blockbuster or redbox, lol). In a word it is AWESOME! 


Video Editing: 

This is where Casey's talent came through and really made our wedding video AMAZING! 


I would write more but wedding wire doesn't let me! JUST GET CASEY TO DO YOUR WEDDING ALREADY!!!!!





                                                                       Posted by: Stella Castillo (Wedding Wire Review) 
"Hiring Crissman Videography was the best decision ever. The turnaround time was fast. I just received my Wedding video and couldn't be happier. I keep watching it over and over and over again. I am so thrilled to share it with my friends and family. Actually with anyone who asks to see it! I can't get over the quality and clarity of the film. It looks outstanding. I must say Casey really exceed my expectations and working with him throughout the wedding process was so easy.  He was always very pleasant and prompt at answering any and all of my questions. And believe me I had many. 
On the wedding day he and his team worked well with my other vendors and made myself and everyone feel at ease and comfortable in front of the cameras. So much that at times we forgot they were filming. Casey made sure to capture every special detail of our wedding and did a beautiful job in telling our story. I would absolutely recommend Crissman Videography  to anyone who is looking for a videographer. I can't wait to hire him again for my next special event. Must go now, have to watch my video once more! :) "
                                                                                  Posted by: Roxanne Lowrance ( Wedding Wire Review) 
​"Crissman Videography was wonderful. They were professional, responsive and we enjoyed having them at our wedding. They captured all those special moments and did not miss a thing. They had two cameras which I recommend. We just LOVED the highlight video they did for us. Some people said they thought they were watching a commercial it was filmed that well. Casey defiantly has an eye for this and it shows in our videos. His rates and talent are exceptional."

                                                                                 Posted by: Hope Reichenau ( Wedding Wire Review) 
"He was awesome. He was able to the important moments, and everytime I watch the video I feel like I am there! Even after the wedding he still was faithful in delivering everything he had promised (that is a big deal!) He went above and beyond his duty and work."           

                                                                              Posted by: Rosie Trevino (Wedding Wire Review) 

"Most important is that Casey and his assistant are wonderful and very patient people, which is a must in this profession. They have the gift of capturing the most precious moments that are often overlooked. The video that was put together for my daughters wedding is breath taking...Awesome...A+ from beginng to end. I highly recommend their services....which in turn will be an ultimate gift..."

                                                                                     Posted by: Holly Burnett ( Wedding Wire Review) 
"Casey works very well without a lot of instruction but is willing to get specific shots so don't be afraid to tell him what's important to you. I believe it is his mother that helps him so they don't miss any shots. They are very good at not being obvious and they never once asked us to pose, as the videographer that was hired by the grooms parents for the rehearsal dinner did all night! My second daughter is getting married next year and we've already decided to use him again."
"We just watched the video and we love it!  I am so glad we got you to record our special day.  You did an absolutely beautiful job!  The day went by so quickly for me that I am so glad it was recorded so I can remember it and cherish it. I'm a very happy customer!  :)"
Posted by: Candice Garcia (Testimonial)
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